the art of waiting (2015)

World Premiere: AT&T Performing Arts Center, Dallas, TX

Dallas Black Dance Theatre II

Music: Chavela Vargas, Gustavo Santaolalla, Massage Tribe, Rodrigo y Gabriela

Costume: George McWhinnie

Lighting: Milton T. Tatum Jr.

Set to a daunting but playful soundtrack of latin melodies, the art of waiting explores a time of patience, transition and hope through the eyes of a hispanic people.



danubio (2012)

World Premiere: Harlem Meer Festival, Central Park, NY


Music: Abel Korzeniowski, Ludovico Einaudi, The Chemical Brothers

Costume: Diana Ruettiger

Lighting: Joshua Preston

Based on one of Europe's longest rivers through 10 countries, Danubio takes us on a journey of winding paths, raging rapids and trickling streams.

unread (2012)

World Premiere: The Ailey Citigroup Theatre, New York, NY

Fordham/Ailey BFA Program

Music: Max Richter

Costume: Mondo Morales

Lighting: Josh Monroe

Seen from the imagination of one woman, Unread tugs on the emotions of fiction. What if all the things we created in our mind were actually happening around us in reality. Would you edit the script or tear out the pages?


if walls could speak (2010)

World Premiere: Main Studio, Steamboat Springs, CO

New Works Festival

Music: Thomas Newman

Costume: Emily Tarquin

Lighting: Michael Jarett

Egyptian hieroglyphics come to life, in this inventive and theatrical night at the museum.